Author: Alexa Mason

Decalogue To Empower Your Daughter

We cannot deny that we continue to live in a society where women have to fight tooth and nail to gain a respectable niche. No, we don’t like to admit it like that, but it is reality. Women continue to be less recognized than men and their salaries are far from the same even when they perform the same work activities.

There is still much to fight for real equality, and we must start doing it from within the family. Where respect and equality are the pillars of upbringing. Both boys and girls should be raised together with values ​​that make them see that they are capable of anything they set out to do in life.

The opportunities must be the same for one and the other, as well as their rights and duties. There is no better or worse genre. It is true that we have obvious differences, but these differences should not separate us, rather they should complement us and make us see that in equality, rapprochement is found.

Your daughter is unique. Decalogue to empower her

Yes, your daughter is unique in this world, she is unique in your life and there will never be anyone in the entire universe who will raise in your heart that deep love that you feel for her. Therefore, let her know and give her the gift of responsibility, that she knows that she is the owner of her own decisions and of course, the owner of her body and her dreams.

It is important that from a very young age you transmit security and self-confidence. To do this, we are going to leave you here a decalogue to empower your daughter. A gift for your upbringing and for its future. Do not lose detail.

    1. Make her see that she is not a princess to be saved by a prince. She is a warrior who carves her own destiny.
    2. If you like dolls to play with, that’s fine, if you like pink too. If you like blue it is just as good and the same is true if you like to play soccer or fights, it is also wonderful!
    3. Support their decisions and never say phrases like “that’s not girlish stuff.”
    4. Never force him to give kisses or hugs if he doesn’t want to. Make her see that she makes those decisions and no one ever has to force her to show affection if she doesn’t want to. What’s more, if you ever feel compelled to do something you don’t want to do, you will need to seek help, especially in case of abuse.
    5. Let me ask, investigate, explore… learn! Never settle for the first answer, feed your critical thinking along with your self-love. Knowledge is power and in books you will always find endless interesting information.
    6. Let him know that violence never solves anything, in fact, a violent being is devoid of values ​​and with great untreated emotional problems.
    7. Tell her that her body is her world and no one can decide about it except herself. Just as your body is yours, so is your mind. It is important that you exercise your body, but it is even more so that you do it with your mind!
    8. Tell her that getting married and being a mother can be a possible destiny, but it doesn’t have to be the only one, nor is it mandatory for anyone. That obsolete time is over … her destiny will be chosen by her, according to the decisions she makes in life.
  1. Teach him that the world is a wonderful place. She chooses how and with whom to live it. You must choose well, because the people you choose will be the reasons for your joys … or your sorrows. But in any case she will always choose how things affect her. No one has power over her but herself.

Give him emotional security. Make him see that you will always be by his side no matter what happens. Whenever she needs you, you’ll be there and defend her tooth and nail when necessary … no matter who gets ahead.